29 Jul, 22

In every bike parking we can see atleast 2 out 5 bikes are to be E scooters, this shows the rise of popularity on transportation mode and its effective revolutionary approaches to replace fuel power vehicles in the years to come. Around 281 electric bikes manufacturers are found in our country and it is believed to increase in graph.

Electric vehicles Vs petrol vehicles:

  1. Cost:

The first thing that comes to buyers mind is the cost of the product, in this criteria the E vehicles are affordable compared to other vehicles. Also, to motivate e-scooters consumers, the government of India has planned to reward maximum amount of Rs. 15,000 per kWh, which benefits upto 40% of the overall price of the E-Vehicles.

  • Independency:

As electric scooters have zero cut to fuel usage, which benefits the consumers to be free of petrol hikes. E-bikes require just a few charging points to get charge of the battery for the whole day usage. Indian transport ministry also benefits the E vehicles manufacturers who can provide self-charging systems for electric vehicles, which shows that revolution is in positive move. By self-charging E scooters helps riders to make long travels hassle free, whereas in petrol bikes after shortage it is hard to find petrol bunks in long drives.

  • Maintenance:

On comparing fuel powered equivalents, E-scooters have cheapest expenditures on maintenance without any doubts. Fuel engine motor vehicles, need to be given service in a frequent interval and rates of repair on spare parts costs high, on E vehicles are made up with minimum structural components which reduces the charge of up keeping the vehicle performance in all manner.

  • Reduction of accidents:

Electric scooters are produce with direct motive in reducing deaths due to accidents and most of the cases are due to the uncontrolled speed collides, E scooters are made with inbuilt characteristics of average speed up level which really helps to minimize road accidents and save lives. Most of the electric vehicle models have a factory speed setup of maximum upto 50 km/h. This makes E vehicles friendlier for the society.

Thus, E scooters will be the perfect replacement against gasoline vehicles which emits tons of toxic chemical globally, to safeguard our environment  and future generation, the ultimum source of modern mobility will be immersed with electric vehicles.

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