About Us

Wroley is a cutting-edge concept to give you a seamless and thrilling experience in riding. With the manufacturers of our electric scooter, we have built this e- vehicle to benchmark an eco-friendly & affordable transport to create a sustainable environment for the coming generation who will be completely tech-friendly.

Wroley was an idea to give the public a ride that can be both budget-friendly and eco-friendly, as somehow many of the best electric scooters in India are failing in doing so. According to our concept, the manufacturers of our electric scooter have tried to initiate our step in cleaning the environment & saving our mother earth by reducing the level of CO2 from our concept of giving India a better future. Additionally, we have given reverse mode and anti-theft sensors which will offer you a pleasant ride with safety and security.

If we talk about the mileage, Wroley may beat all the best-to-best electric scooters in India, as it runs quite long in just 4 hours of charging. YES! Just charge your device easily by connecting it to the USB port on the go. And by providing this as one of our benefits apart from all, we are aiming to address the diverse mobility needs of the consumers and also heading toward bringing up the best mileage scooter on the market.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooters globally with a satisfied and proud customer base.

Our mission

To contribute towards the greater cause of ridding the world of fuel-based carbon-emissions and help conserve the environment by increasing the consumer database of premium quality E-Scooter users on a global scale.


Team Wroley