21 Apr, 22

The increased demand for clean and green energy over the usage of liquid/gas fuel all over the world made auto-makers find various substitutions. One such motto led them to invent lithium-ion batteries, which are now found in electric scooters. But the question arises how are lithium-ion batteries found in e-scooters different from lead-acid batteries found in petrol/diesel scooters?

In this article, we’ll discuss the major difference between the respective batteries.

How are batteries of electric scooters and petrol/diesel batteries different?

Lithium batteries or Li-ion batteries when compared with lead-acid batteries can be varied in terms of longevity, weightage, and compactness.

The longevity of the lithium-ion battery is more as compared to the lead-acid battery as it can be charged. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries work with the help of a chemical reaction between lead and acid.

Due to this reason, lithium-ion batteries are considered to be giving a huge contribution to environmental growth as they emit no pollutants to the environment.

When looking at the difference between both the batteries’ weight and compactness, the weight of Li-ion batteries is less when compared to lead-acid batteries.

Thus, when installed in electric scooters, their body becomes lightweight as well and becomes easier for the users to handle. Hence, lithium-ion batteries not only contribute to environmental growth but also are economically fair.

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